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Filter News Time


Since trading is based on Technical and Fundamentals it can be highly affected by High Impact News like NFP, PMI, GDP, CPI and many more. This means the EA may be affected by news directly or indirectly. These below settings will guide you to enable or disable EA during High Impact News, Medium News and Low News.  
  • Enable News Filter: To enable news filter for initial trade. If true it EA will not open initial on news file. Keep in Mind – for Auto GMT you need to enable "Allow WebRequest" option and add this URL https://ec.forexprostools.com
  • High News: If true, EA only filter high news only.
  • Medium News: If true, EA only filter medium news only.
  • Low News: If true, EA only filter low news only.


  • News filters only work for your initial trade only. It will not stop to open others trade functions like Grid trade.
  • If you want to use a news filter you have to set GMT into TIME CONFIGURETIONS SECTION, otherwise news filter will not match with your broker trade time.