How Auto Trading Work

In this post, I will describe how some product auto trading works like strategy.  Below our market product is like trade management type product, but also have auto trading to open initial. All trading trades work like strategy builders. You have made your own strategy to combine all of our auto trading options. Auto trading means EA opens initial trade by itself depending on your setting.

How you Open AUTO TRADE work

For example you what to open an Instant BUY trade –
  • Place the Your EA on the instrument to be traded.
  • Select  Initial Trade Type = Auto Trading.
  • Select  Initial Trade Direction = Any Trade (Buy or Sell).
  • Action any of auto trading that come with EA like Active BBand=On or Active MA=On. You can compound with one or more auto trading strategy together. Example – if you active Active BBand=On and Active MA=On then EA open trade when both signals come with mean when BBand give buy signal on that time MA give buy signal then EA open BUY trade.
  Above Image you will see you active two strategy BBand=On and Active MA=On , So when both signal come BUY signal, EA will open buy trade.