Grid Trade Setting

Grid Trade Setting (Input Parameters)


How do you open multiple initial trade-ins same pairs. 

It is possible to have the EA open multiple trades in the same direction prior to having the recovery hedge start. We call it Grid Mode. Grid mode means you have multiple initial order in same direction. This can be done to give the initial trade more chance of ending up in profit and prevent the recovery starts. Similarly, you can link the CAP Zone Recovery EA with another external EA or manual trade that has opened multiple trades in the same direction.

Rule Of Grid Mode

  • Multiple initial trade-in should be in the same direction. For example, it should be multiple BUY or multiple SELL. but it you have multiple trade in both direction mean both buy and sell trade open then EA can’t manage this.
  • The average open price of all the grid trades will be calculated for profit closing. Then it is in Grid mode EA fellow TP from the initial section.
  • The last opened price will be used as the basic level of the Recovery Zone Range placing hedge orders.
  • Grid trade can be opened by EA or it can be opened by manually or external EA.

Input Parameters

  • Active Grids: Enable or Disable Grids trading.
  • Number Of Grids Trade: 0- Mean Disabled: Set number of Grid orders. 0 (zero)- Mean Disabled.
  • Grid GAP Type: Select your Grid Type
  • Grid GAP (Points): If you  Grid GAP Type = Fix Distance (Grid) then put the value here, after how many losing pips a new grid trade opens.
  • Custom Grid GAP (Points): If you Grid  GAP Type = Custom Distance (Grid) then put the grid gap value for your all individual grid trade separate by “;”. Example- you set NumberOfGrids = 3 and your  Custom Grid GAP (Points) = 150;200;300. That mean your 1st Grid trade GAP will be 150 then 2nd Grid trade will be 200 gap distance then last 3rd trade will be 300 gap distance.
  • Grid Lots Type: Select your Grid Lots Type
  • Grid Lots Multiplier: It will work If you  Grid Lots Type = Multiple (Grid). How bigger each trade will be relative to its previous trade. Lots will be multiplier from your last trade.
  • Custom Grid Lots: It will work If you  Grid Lots Type = Custom Lots (Grid). Put every grid lots individual separate by “;”. Same work as Custom Grid GAP (In Points).
  • Don’t Open Grid Trade by EA: If true, then EA will not open Grid trade by itself. It will not active zone recovery hedge trading until a number of grid trade reach. It input will not work for all types of Initial Trade Type. Also, it will not work on the tester.

Rule of Don’t Open Grid Trade by EA –

    • If your  Initial trade Type = External Manual Trade then you have open initial trade + all grid trade by manually then EA will active recovery hedge trade.
    • If your  Initial trade Type = External EA Trade then make use your EA will be must open initial trade + all grid trade by it self.
    • If your  Initial trade Type = Auto Trading, This input will not work if your initial trade type = Auto Trading.
    • If your  Initial trade Type = Instant Order, This input will not work if your initial trade type = Instant Order.
    • If your  Initial trade Type = Trade Panel, It will work, Please open initial trade + all grid trade by trade panel.


Note –  All grid trade TP will be the fellow value of TakeProfit For Initial. Combined Take Profit in points/currency. It is calculated based on the average opened price.