Multi-Pair Setting


What is multi-pair trading?

By default, EAs only trade only the chart pair on which you attach it. For example, if you attach it to the EURUSD chart then EA will only trade on that pair. Multi-pair trading means one EA can trade multiple pairs. Activating the multi-pair setting enables trading multiple pairs from one chart.
  • Active Multi-Pair trading: When Off, EA only trades one pair that you attach on the chart, But If On then multi-pair trading will be active.
  • Trade Multi-Pair Separate by ";": If you activate the multi-pairs setting, you should then set your selected pair list separated by a semicolon ";". For example, if you set "EURUSD; GBPUSD; AUDUSD" then EA will trade only those listed pairs only.


    • When Multi-Pair trading=On then EA will trade only the listed pair that you selected in Pairs Setting. It doesn't matter when pair are EA attached.
    • Set pair separate by ";" only. Don't set any other separator like "," or "-" only ";".