General Trading Robot

Our General Trading Robots are meticulously crafted using fundamental indicators such as ADX, Bollinger Bands, Breakout EA, and Ichimoku EA. These robots employ proven strategies to navigate various market conditions, offering reliable automation for traders seeking consistent performance in their trading endeavors

Loss Recovery Robot

Our Loss Recovery Tools are designed to intelligently manage trades when they enter a loss position, swiftly turning potential losses into profits. With advanced algorithms and risk management techniques, these robots dynamically adjust trade parameters to navigate challenging market conditions, providing traders with a robust safety net for their investments.

Scalping Trading Robot

Our Scalping Robots are finely-tuned for rapid execution and quick profits in volatile market conditions. Utilizing high-frequency trading strategies, these robots aim to capitalize on short-term price movements, making multiple small trades to accumulate gains throughout the trading session. Designed for traders seeking fast-paced trading opportunities, our Scalping Robots offer precision and agility in capturing profit opportunities.

Trade Management Tools

Our Trade Management Robots are expertly crafted to oversee and optimize trade positions with precision. From entry to exit, these robots dynamically adjust parameters such as stop-loss, take-profit, and trailing stops to maximize profits and minimize risks. With intelligent trade management algorithms, they offer traders efficient and hands-free control over their trades, ensuring optimal performance in diverse market conditions.

Others Trading Tools

Check it our others tools offers a diverse range of trading robots that incorporate unique and innovative strategies beyond traditional indicators. From hybrid systems combining multiple indicators to specialized algorithms targeting specific market behaviors, these robots provide a versatile selection for traders seeking unconventional approaches to automated trading. Explore this category for cutting-edge solutions designed to cater to diverse trading preferences and objectives.


This tools offers a selection of advanced technical indicators designed to enhance trading analysis within the MT4 and MT5 platforms. These indicators provide valuable insights into market trends, volatility, and momentum, empowering traders to make informed trading decisions