Hire a NinjaTrader® Programmer

You have a curious trading idea but no time or coding skills to transform it into a working trading tool, don’t you? Does it sound familiar?

Our competent NinjaTrader coder is ready to create an indicator, Expert Advisor (EA), or any other tool for you!

NinjaTrader® is one of the most popular platforms in the trading community.

Advantages of Using NinjaTrader® Programming Service:


Do not spend time learning how to program. We offer fast and professional NinjaTrader coding at a reasonable price.


Our NinjaTrader programmer will consider your software requirements specification to the last detail and imply the best solution for each tool in particular.

Ongoing support

We will be calm only when the tool meets all your expectations. If additional modifications are required, feel free to contact us.

NinjaTrader® Indicator Development & More

What can our NinjaTrader developer code for you? Practically everything!

Get new indicators, trading robots, scripts, and other stuff, convert and modify existing tools (it refers to both NinjaTrader 7® and NinjaTrader 8® programming).

Try Our NinjaTrader® Programming Service!