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What is Initial Trade?

Initial trade means first trade when EA open first trade by any strategy it is call initial trade. A EA can be open max two initial trade 1 buy and 1 sell, until close initial trade EA will not open any initial. These are the basic EA settings by default which are visible to trader so that one can edit or adjust the functions to suit the trader during the trading process. You can decide to use the default settings or custom settings depending on your target. Learn the Inputs and understand every concept before you click the OK Buttons for EA to Begin trading. The key driver of a good trading tool is to understand its nature on how it will react upon any instruction is commanded. This EA will trade both Buy and Sell orders using the inbuilt core strategies which can be selected under the Initial Trade Type input. As a trade you can decide to follow only one side signal or both side signals. By Both side signals we mean that the EA will take both BUY and SELL on certain intervals so that you partly defend yourself. One of the trade from both side signal will profit and the chances are also that the other trade will lose. For Example, open BUY and SELL trade signal on EURUSD, if the trend go to sell zone, means your SELL trade is in profit at the same time your Buy trade will be floating in negative pips or dollars.